Smash Bros Final gameplay: Exterior Xtra’s Luke and Ellen be part of forces for group matches on line, in a Smash Bros co-op dust-up

Many due to Server for permitting us reside stream from their implausible establishment!

Seem see us play D&D reside!
Saturday 23 March, MCM Birmingham

Thursday 28 March, PAX East

Friday and Saturday 5 & sixth April, EGX Rezzed London https://www.egx.web/rezzed/tickets

Modelled on the gaming cafes of Tokyo, Server & Loading Bar are among the initially venues within the Uk to give you gamers someplace to devour, sit back and play:

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Outdoors the home Xtra is a companion channel to Outdoors the home Xbox, masking the broader atmosphere of gaming with weekly lists, Let’s Performs and reveals together with your hosts Ellen and Luke. Look for normal appearances by OG Outdoors the home Xboxers Andy, Jane and Mike, and customarily extra of the video clips you want, about way more of the platforms you like, from a crew now two individuals larger common.

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44 thoughts on “SMASH BROS CO-OP LIVESTREAM: Ellen & Luke vs The World extensive internet in Smash Bros Final On the web LIVE @Server”

  1. Since you talk about Skyrim mods. Would you consider the forgotten city mod? I remember that Oxbox did it some time ago and from a comment from the mod author they got one of the worse ending possible. I wonder if Oxtra could get a better ending.

  2. Luke, how long did it take you to produce your album and is there any chance that we’ll see another one in the near future? Your sound is so easy to jam to and it always cheers me up.

  3. 1:34:37 Ellen try’s to double team.
    Ellen: “I’ve got him, hit him!”
    Luke: “Coming” is too late “Sorry.”
    Ellen: “I’ve got him!”
    Luke: again Luke is too late
    Ellen: “…”
    Luke: “…I think we should gang up on one of them.”

  4. I caught part of the livestream, but somehow chat wasn't available. Anyway, someone had asked about which fighter from another game/series would you like to see included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I couldn't figure out how to contact Nintendo directly to sneak a surprise fighter in for Luke, namely the Snow Troll from Skyrim….. 😀


  6. "A companion channel to Outside Xbox! PS4, Nintendo, PC, virtual reality and more…"
    Only plays Mario games on Switch
    Surely PS4 and PC has had new games released?

  7. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate y'all. For me your live streams and videos drop in mornings and it goes a long way to brighten my days. It's a dream of mine to meet y'all in person just to say thank you and a dream to have a job I love and have as much fun as yall do.
    Last year I changed jobs to work for a gamestop, huge motivation from watching your vids, and I laugh almost every day, work with a bunch of great people, and a great step (for me at least) toward being a game journalist/streamer.

  8. someone needs to make a game like viva pinata anyone who trys just makes harvest moon instead witch is fine i like those to but i dont always want a game about getting rich AF and managing relation ships i just want to make a garden so beautiful that wild life wants to frolic in it and that i have to nurture i mean i get its a very niche game with a small audience but there is demand for it

  9. Luke, your are in luck with the Metal Gear story recap videos! When I got Metal Gear Solid 4 over ten years ago, it came with a Metal Gear Solid saga DVD that runs through all you really need to know to be caught up with the characters, events, and timeline, it's very well made!

  10. Just so I'm clear (as I caught part of the live stream while on break at work), the games they get OCD about are:
    Mike- Vampyr: The Masquerade
    Andy: RDR2
    Ellen: Kingdoms of Amalur
    Luke and Jane: Life is Strange 2

  11. Great stream as always 🙂 Mike i also realy like Vampire the masquerade bloodlines, did you play it with the Unofficial patch? It made the game even more fun to play (and less broken :P).
    Speaking about favoured games we can't stop talking about, i have two: Blood and Fallout 2. Both still great … but no one wants to hear about it anymore, no one i know anyway 😛

  12. Another wrestling channel for Andy and Mike (and anyone else interested) – Steve and Larson's Going In Raw is pretty good. Their reviews can get really in depth (and sometimes wander dramatically and hilariously off topic) – a little more Eurogamer than Oxbox in terms of content though so a heads up there <,< (Cultaholic is also great tho, and Whatculture is fun too, especially Simon cause Simon is fantastic. … I hope he got his shoulder fixed ><)

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