28 thoughts on “Sonos Link and Attach: Amp digital audio streaming”

  1. I think you missed one of the main advantages of the Connect is that if you already have your own HiFi Amplifier for a CD player or Vinyl Player, the Connect is the obvious choice as you can stream apps such as Spotify through your Amp and out to any speakers you may have hooked up to your HIFi System.

  2. hello
    I hope you are still there
    I have 5 bose speakers, the home theater broke and they could not fix it
    so want to know if I can turn my 5 goose speakers directly into this sonos device

  3. Good review, but I am a novice to all of this so could you please, please explain EXACTLY in straightforward terms what connections I would have to make to stream music wirelessly from my Windows laptop (local files, Spotify, etc.) through my existing conventional hifi (amp, CD and vinyl decks, cabled speakers)? Sorry to be so dumb, but I have watched countless Youtube videos, the Sonos website, etc. and none of them actually spell it out comprehensively in simple terms. For example, does the Connect go next to the hub or the amp? What if all of the inputs to my amp are already occupied by vinyl, CD and tuner? Thanks in advance.

  4. I bought the Connect today. Had a Logitech Squeezebox. Although was ok, just way too slow and can't handle huge NAS drives.
    Also wanted a Coax or Optical out to go into the AV processor/DAC.

  5. Soooo many cheaper options to stream your audio. Don't see what's the point of connect. Maybe the amp is useful if you only got some speakers laying around.

  6. I have a Yamaha home stereo system that comprises an amp, a cd/hard-drive, a tape deck and a turntable. I have no speakers. I bought a couple of sonos 1 speakers and they work well fro my computer and android phone. I would like to be able to play from my home stereo to the sonos speakers – ie I would like to put on a tape or some vinyl and hear it through the sonos play 1 speakers. I though a sonos Connect would do this but having bought one it appears that it is designed to stream digital music into my stereo system not analogue music out of the system. is this correct? – and is there a device that makes it possible to do what I am trying to do?

  7. so, if I want to hook up my pc and play movies on my sonos system, I would just want the connect where I can plug an audio cable in and stream to all my sonos speakers?? is that how that works. I'm trying to figure out the difference between the two…

  8. this is some good stuff right here. Sonos did a great job. I was a naysayer at first but then I understood how great the sonos system is. First off, no on-button. You don't think that's too cool at first, but later when you realize you can control your entire audio system right when you wake up and have your cell phone in your hand with a touch of a button, you'll love it.

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