Get throughout as we unveil Google’s eyesight for the way forward for gaming at #GDC19. Welcome to Stadia, one explicit spot for all of the methods we interact in.

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*The Stadia Controller has not been permitted as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Price. This machine will not be, and should maybe not be, provided on the market or lease, or marketed or leased, till finally authorization is obtained.


40 thoughts on “Stadia GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement”

  1. I have been purchasing every new Xbox and Sony console for as long as they have been selling them. This may be the first time I will be passing on Xbox 2 and PS5…. Please deliver Google! If so, I am going to get the Pro version and play monthly. Please quickly expand on your statement that you can exponentially increase power by combining base stations so as to beat the experiences on Xbox 2 and PS5 so I dont go back. Please do everything you are saying you will do! I have 500Mb internet. Bring it on! PLEASE!

  2. Wr need Romania on countries where Stadia will be available. We have amazing internet connection here,you should have servers in our country,why we are out?

  3. I am cautiously optimistic.
    If it works as advertised, it will be pretty cool.
    I assume it will either be subscription-based, or I will have to buy a license for whatever game I'd like to play.
    We'll see how the pricing goes before I get my hopes up.

  4. Not going to lie the stream connect would be a game changer just imagine your playing PUBG and your able to see all your teams screen while you are playing it would make it more intense.

  5. Think this will flop hard. This will only work well with 100% stable internet with a guaranteed internet speed of around 100 Mps everywhere on the hole planet. I mean just the other day Youtube and Google went down and just on my buss trip into work I have around 5 zones where my internet dips and I live close to the main Capital.

    Think this idea is especially stupid if we consider that mobile chips as are in the Switch are already running games like Hellblade, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Zelda – Breath of the Wild. Next gen these chips will easily outperform the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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