Making use of third celebration software program CosmoStreamer, I’m ready to ship video clip sign to a seize card, and alter my @DJI Osmo Pocket right into a streaming digicam. I threw it on my Grip Gear slider to examine the high quality of a going film. #livestream #dji #video #manufacturing
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22 thoughts on “Stay Streaming with DJI Osmo Pocket, Cosmostreamer, Grip Gear Slider”

  1. Hi. Please forgive me being a numpty. Iโ€™m not technophobic, but Iโ€™d just like a really simple list of stuff I need to turn my osmo pocket into a face-tracking, no/low latency webcam for Skype. Doesnโ€™t need to be wireless. Doesnโ€™t need to access the osmo mic. Does need to retain face tracking abilities! Any chance you could give me a short and crunchy list of things to buy?

  2. Why have a pocket unit if you add all of the rasperry boxes etc?
    Not interesting to go through, rather get a readymade unit but might be interesting for current owners of course.

  3. I love my Osmo pocket, but I wouldn't drop that much just to make it a webcam, I'll just buy a cheap webcam over that and have more money for other accessories.

  4. This is a terrible solution.
    I don't even understand how you need a RPi to do this…
    This is just basic USB reverse engineering they've done and they're charging a premium price for this.
    I will see to make sure an open source project arises to do the same for free, because they don't deserve any money for this garbage (so many video glitches… I mean, I'll never stream with that poor video quality anyway).

    I want to get the best of my Osmo Pocket and streaming with it using OBS would be awesome but not like this… this is terrible.

  5. Sorry I have no sound so this is tough but what camera are you using originally? I think the quality looks better with what you have already and I want for myself haha HELP.

  6. Hi Geekazine

    The Backpack solution ๐Ÿ™‚ great..!

    Id like to use this ability to live stream from my adventures when I am in the field teaching and educating nature in Africa on a 3G or a 4G in China.

    Apart from the small glitches, do you see any other reason for it not working?
    And what sort of Mb/s do you think I would I need to get it actually working? What if the cosmostreamer or wirecast doesnt have a data centre near me?

  7. Hi Jeff, how has the cosmostreamer held up in your workflow? I haven't seen any new videos made on it, so I'm guessing that you're not using it for your productions as a streaming cam? Also, with the state that the cosmostreamer is in currently, do you see it as being a feasible solution for IRL livestreaming? Thanks for the informative video!

  8. Real live streaming from Pocket Osmo will be available when i finish video transcoding, because native live stream from camera us 30 mbit/s and it very heavy for RPI internal wi-fi

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