Move 1 – Establish the Streaming Server.

In this preliminary relocation I advise my audience the best ways to setup and set up the streaming server using VLC Media Gamer.

Ensure you abide by all copyright legislation that apply to you, I will not be held responsible for how you utilize this truths. If you break the law and get captured its your have fault.


2 thoughts on “Streaming Audio and Video with VLC Media Individual”

  1. Hi, a good video but where is the follow up, lol. I couldn't connect with http://myip:8080/test.mp3 in my browsers. It times out. I disabled my firewalls, but still the browsers would not connect. I added port forwarding (not sure it was necessary) for port 8080, and for port 8585 which I also tried. I was testing with Firefox, Internet Explore 11, and an Android cell phone. It would actually connect in all three cases using http://localhost:8080/test.mp3, but of course that doesn't help when I want to offer the stream over the net. My pc is Windows 7. It seems a simple thing. Do you know of a solution or something I can try? Thanks.

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