26 thoughts on “Streaming audio with VLC – Linux”

  1. @Leevi1337: Mplayer is just my music player of choice. You may or may not have it installed on your system. And localhost, is just used because we are connecting to/from the same computer. You would normally put the IP address or domain of the computer you are trying to connect to. So, really you can just use what ever music player you normally use, if they have a streaming feature. Which most do.

  2. @yenomeerf: I think First I tried the "FireBug" Plugin for firefox. Some times that works, but I don't think it did for this (Some times sites are sneaky and try and hide things like that).

    I next used ettercap to sniff the traffic. I saved the output to a '.cap' files and used 'grep' to search for things like 'mp3', 'rtmp', etc…

  3. @yenomeerf: No, I know it works, be cause I did it. Here is a question, did you just copy and paste it from my comment on Youtube? If so, make sure that there isn't a space between the 'o' and the 'm' in the 'com' in the link.

    Youtube likes to mess with links.

  4. @yenomeerf: If you leave off the "-I dummy" part does it play fine in the GUI?
    You can also try:
    mplayer "rtmp://in1.atl.fla.abacast.co­m/y101fm/livestream"'

    It didn't work for me, but almost did.

  5. that's pretty cool. i didn't know i could do that with vlc.
    i always learn at least some little interesting tidbit in all your vids. thanks…

    btw, can i just add a playlist file (like a .pls) to the list instead of adding every individual mp3??

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