Obtain frames from a raspberry Pi by ways of a TCP relationship utilizing Gstreamer.
The streaming motion picture is encoded with H264 as an outcome of OpenMAX.

Raspberry Pi (gstreamer pipeline):.
$ gst-launch-1. tcpclientsrc host =-LRB- ******************).7827213 port =-LRB- **********)! gdpdepay! rtph264 depay! avdec_h264! videoconvert! ximagesink sync= fake.

See extra about this job here:http://www.imgportal.net/household/?web page_id=2595
Note pad (gstreamer pipeline):.
$ gst-launch-1. -v v4l2src! movie/x-uncooked, framerate =-LRB- **********************)/ 1, width =-LRB- ************), peak =-LRB- **************)! omxh264 enc! rtph264 invest config-interval= 1 pt =-LRB- *******************)! gdppay! tcpserversink host =-LRB- ******************).7827213 port =-LRB- **********).


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