RASPBERRY PI 2B Dwell Video clip & Dwell Audio streaming making use of a USB WEBCAM and a USB Appear CARD with Gstreamer PIPELINES

the RAZpi Gstreamer Server & Cient scripts are from listed right here:




Notice: the USB Audio CARD is an Elecraft K3S transceiver with its private inside USB Appear CARD…linked to the PI via a USB CABLE from the K3S to one of many USB ports on the PI

the one change produced on the RTP SERVER SCRIPT
line 61(related earlier talked about) is to make use of “alsasrc system=plughw:”
as a substitute of the default script’s “autoaudiosrc”
61 AELEM=”autoaudiosrc”

make it easier to save the script(s) as a DOT SH file, “.sh” file, on the desktop, then RT Click on on the saved .sh file and select Properties,
go to the PERMISSIONS TAB and permit/select “everybody” for EXECUTE
– then you’ll be able to double click on on the desktop .sh file and execute it making use of terminal – so you’ll be able to retain an eye fixed on what the script is doing…


One thought on “Streaming LIVE Audio & LIVE Video from a Raspberry Pi 2b using a simple Gstreamer RTP Server script”

  1. A few questions.
    Did you actually stream a video ? Cause' i missed that part.
    Are you the one talking on the radio?
    Why don't you put up explanatory comments that can be easily followed? I ask these because i have been looking for a near realtime way to stream audio and video from my raspberry pi.
    Last question; is there a way i can reach you?

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