13 thoughts on “Streaming Live Tv with WinTV Lengthen”

  1. Do you think I could use this set up with the browser on my Chromebook?  I mainly just want to use the WinTV scheduler. I was going to just use a .bat file to move them to google drive for desktop. 

  2. It's limited to one connection, unless you have multiple tuners installed in your PC. You could always stream to a VLC instance on localhost and then use VLC to re-stream the output to multiple LAN or Internet clients from there (I have tired this and it works reasonably well).

  3. VLC streaming is nice(if videolan doesn't break the streaming codecs every other release) but for streaming your recorded television why wouldn't you just stick with the extend interface? Just click on the recordings tab from the web UI to play them.

  4. VLC changed the way the web-interface is enabled with the new version. Go to Interfaces then click on the main interface text and there should be an option called "web." Save the settings and restart vlc. When VLC starts again Windows should prompt you with a firewall warning, allow VLC through it and then test to see if you can load the interface at localhost:8080

  5. Great video. Question, my Main interfaces preferences setting doesn't have an "HT TP" option. Do you know why this is or how I can add it?
    screenshot: dl.dropbox.com/u/13148017/screenshots/screen120729-232241.png

  6. Great video! The only thing that i was thinking you were going to go over was dynamic dns. Because most people do not have static IP's. Unless VLC only supports IP addresses and does not support DNS? I think most routers support this now a days but if you have an old one like me i use ddwrt to add the functionality. Thanks again for the well edited video.

  7. Fascinating, but frankly, WAY beyond my capabilities, totally aside from me using an iMac. I can see an added advantage to using this technique though, and that is to let those in other countries see what we are seeing on our news programs. Often the mainstream media in other countries (and even here) block or colour their coverage of international events and situations, and this could get around that.

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