Simply a quick tutorial on the best ways to establish streaming tunes on preserve in FreePBX.

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18 thoughts on “Streaming Music on Maintain in FreePBX”

  1. and there is no option box in the upper right corner. I do have a add category on the left, but that says files, or custom. if I pick custom, I have to submit, go back in and edit, and it wants an application and optional format.

  2. Every time i use a shoutcast url for hold music it stops working after a day or 2 and I have to pick another one, do anyone know if shoutcast is blocking this sort of leeching on their feeds?

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, I really enjoy your channel and the helpful information you provide. I can't seem to get our Yealink phones (T42 & T46G) to work with FreePBX's hold music. Their built-in hold music seems to override the PBX settings. I found a place on the phones to put the MOH server URI in but I'm not sure what the correct format is for this or if this is the right approach. I'm assuming the phone has to be pointed at FreePBX's music server somehow?

  4. Nice. I personally hate the canned elevator music some companies use for on hold and so having a live streaming feed is just the ticket ir as a former colleague of mind would have said "its all that and a bag of chips" πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks Chris! On my PBX patched to 10.13.66-10, the Streaming option category does not show, so I went to the CLI and made the changes, here is a link to do this:

    Also in the link example, DO NOT USE amportal, it will not work, use FWCONSOLE for asterisk commands, although I found if possible do a warm reboot of the system to load all the changes

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