Evaluate out this evaluation of YouTube Live streaming using Google Hangouts on Air, USB Cams and Microphones additionally getting it a phase further more with RTSP or RTMP streaming. Research study the overall review at USBPros listed belowhttp://usbpros.com/index.php/teams/usb-movie-group/why-youtube-live-is-big-offer


3 thoughts on “Streaming to YouTube Live – USB, HDMI, RTSP or RTMP Introduction”

  1. wow I don't mean to be rude but, the audio is so bad for 2015 it makes it hard to focus and you aren't going to hit slide show mode on power point. This if you can't or don't know how to hit F5 and start your power point at least export it as a PDF and open it in fullscreen mode. 😢

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