1: Get Opencv frames as impression to feed APPSRC active ingredient of Gstreamer.
2: Transform from BGR to RGB in Opencv.
3: Feed APPSRC continuously with Opencv.
4: Developed colorspace with VIDEOCONVERT part.
5: display screen online video streaming as an outcome of XIMAGESINK element.

* resource active ingredient *.
* videoconvert part *.
* sink active ingredient *.

There are 2 crucial thread: simply among Opencv, and the another a single of Gstreamer. The Gstreamer thread run the primary loop and after that creates other 2 threads: the First one specific copies the frame to a buffer and after that feed the APPSRC with the buffer, and the next 1 stopped the feeding when the buffer is detailed.

See even more about it noted here:http://www.imgportal.internet/home/?web page_id=2595


2 thoughts on “Streaming video from opencv to gstreamer using appsrc aspect”

  1. Hello, Great work!
    Then can the Gstreamer streaming be read by Skype or similar software?
    How can we put the audio also into the same streaming?
    Hope for reply.

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