This video demonstrates the way to stream USB webcam to YouTube on Android through USB Digicam software.

1) Goto and get the server URL and stream important
2) Place the server URL and stream crucial into RTMP Thrust URL and RTMP stream essential fields on USB Digital digicam app’s Configurations (You can too make them into QR Code then use Scan QR Code characteristic to fill each single clean)
3) Be part of usb webcam or different devices that USB Digicam software helps (e.g. EasyCap)
4) Flip on IP Digital digicam Server from USB Digicam software and take a look at ‘RTMP Push’, the streaming can be begun.

You may take a look at USB Digicam app from Google Take pleasure in : outlet/applications/information?

You may additionally fascination the Professional model :


3 thoughts on “Streaming webcam to YouTube on Android by USB Digicam software”

  1. I have zebronics tv tuner and it works in my laptop, i tried it on my mobile note 5 pro in many apps and in usb camera also,in usb camera it shows nothing, when i press show all devices , it shows usb tv tuner, when i want to select usb tv tuner, it shows "please re- plug the device". Pen drive works but not tv tuner. What to do now?

  2. hi, the new custom bitrate works nicely ! how to turn OFF deinterlacing with easycap? i need not 25p but 25i , as it comes from the composite source. (in my scenarios its necessary to deinterlace later onthe pc 25i to 50p, which is more fluid) thanks,

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