I have actually gotten issues asking me the best ways to setup a Blackmagic Strength Pro, and properly get it to stream with Xsplit to twitch.television set. Preferably this video assists.

And I understand, I was method too lazy to look after the gray screen at the start of the video, however it does run.

Evaluate out my jerk stream @http://www.twitch.television set/ice_gap7


9 thoughts on “Streaming with Blackmagic Depth Pro and Xsplit”

  1. I have 2 problems or two doubts,
    1.- Is it compatible with obs studi for live broadcast?
    the second
    2.- I have a motherboard asus h81m-k that only has a port x16 and 2 pcie x1, I found converters of x1 to x4 with correinte by voltage SATA and connection usb 3.0 between the pcie slot x1 and x4
    Someone could solve me if adapting the capture could work or I would recommend one for video camera

  2. I have a BlackMagic Intensity capture card and I'm trying to use Xplit. When I open the Xplit, an error occurs and then the blue screen appears. Do I need two video cards to use the program?

  3. I have Blackmagic Intensity Pro and I want to hook up my Go-Pro Silver cam to it (for Streaming) and use MANYCAM PRO to stream over the net. For some reason manycam or Media Express is picking up my Go-Pro Camera. Can you help me.


  4. I did not use black magic express to capture the video (I don't use it for anything other than setting up the card, and making sure it is working.) I use Xsplit to record video, so their is no timer.

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