7 thoughts on “Streaming your New music Playlist from your world-wide-web server Linux Apache mplayer vlc tutorial”

  1. Not sure about Rocket Player, but I know what ever player I use on Android will stream songs through H T T P.

    It's just a text file with a list of the song urls, I think I used Lynx to create the list. In many cases the extension doesn't matter, but one of the players (I think it was VLC) wouldn't recognize the file without the m3u extension. I don't think mplayer cares what it's called.

  2. I wonder if Rocket Player for Android can open a playlist file like this?

    Any significance to the .m3u extension? Or can it be any filename?

    I think the harder part will be making the playlist file, I have a lot of crazy subdirectories in my music folder, maybe I can find "find . |grep mp3" or something like that.

  3. Yeah, I'm not saying this is the only way, or the best way. But, it is a quick and easy way. As far as large collection, once you have generated a playlist with all the songs, depending on your player, it may or may not be easy to search through and organize your collection. But, with a little HTML5, PHP, and JavaScript, I bet it would be easy to make a simple player right in the browser that can search and organize your music. Hum, I think I just thought of a future tutorial 🙂

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