Purchase it on Amazon – http://lon.television set/gb8yp (affiliate site link) – Synology’s Video Station is getting far much better and far much better. We get a look at how it carries out now in DSM 6 together with the Apple Television consumer! See more Synology movies: http://lon.television/synology and subscribe:http://lon.tv set/s

Video INDEX:.
01: 04 – Putting in Online video Station on your Synology NAS.
03: 28 – Net customer introduction.
04: 40 – Positioning up folders and specifying customer gain access to.
06: 45 – Audio structure introduction.
07: 00 – Streaming Blu Ray MKV with transcoding.
08: 10 – Chromecast streaming.
09: 06 – iOS/ Android/ Windows 10 Cell application.
09: 25 – Accessing Synology NAS more than the Web.
12: 17 – House windows 10 app.
12: 44 – Apple Television set app.
13: 42 – Summary and staying concepts.

Synology’s Video Station continues to make enhancements to. 1 of the intentions to take a look at using Film Station more than Plex is that it has the ability to transcode online video in genuine time on the NAS system itself. I have actually found Plex generally is unable to obtain playable total efficiency from NAS gadgets. The series of synchronised streams will count on which Synology NAS being used.

This brand-new design increases the overall user interface and offers brand-new possibilities like downloading videos for offline playback and offline transcoding up until now more customers can take a look at video rapidly encoded for their distinct devices.

It supports even increased close formats like h.265 motion picture on particular systems. I likewise determined it to obtain the task done correctly with Blu Ray MKV rips. However it really is essential to observe that it will not presently run with info encoded with DTS or Dolby TrueHD.

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20 thoughts on “Synology DSM 6. – Motion Picture Station Introduction: Offsite streaming, Apple Television, and A lot more”

  1. It looks fantastic when it's set up. It can be an absolute arse to get set up though, speaking from experience. The learning curve with these synology devices is incredibly steep, and hence, it's tough to set up.

  2. What is your internet speed ? it must be fibre ? when I see your streaming movie by the NAS through the cellular connection, it's quite smooth, I'm going to get the Synology also with the Fiber internet connection down 200mb/s up 100mb/s, do you think that i could get the same transfer speed as yours ? Thanks in advanced

  3. Great thorough video as always…thx Lon! No DTS support really does suck.

    Does Video Station support the industry standard nfo file metadata format and poster/fanart jpg naming conventions used by Plex, Emby/MediaBrowser and Kodi/XBMC?

  4. Hello, I have a question about the apple tv DS video app. Does it work with siri's integrated search? If you'd use siri, for example, to search for a movie witch is available on my nas and also on netflix, will it show up on the search results? Can you use siri to navigate inside the DS video app?

  5. I find the Video Station frustrating. It does not support many video codecs. I would imagine that you know what I mean. Perhaps, Lon, you could transmit this failing to Synology. It means about one third of my movies will not play. And it isn't the audio setting.

  6. I agree with Arthur the videos you produce concerning Synology NAS are second to none. I really really appreciate what you do. just keep it up. I can't get enough… thank you thank you very much


  7. I am facing codec limitations and also some big video files are not easy to load with video station, while it goes well using KODI from remote devices. Any tricks please ? (DS215J)
    (For instance installing more codecs through the file system instead of the DSM UI ?)

  8. Thx a lot Lon Seidman!

    My suggestion would be not to use Realtime Transcoding at all.
    Native-Playback would be the best way due to low CPU usage on the NAS side.
    IMO the only thing that might be an alternative is Offline-Transcoding.

    Nowadays most people have pretty fast ISP Subscription (with >10Mbps Upload)
    For example if someone is using an iPhone/iPad i would recommend to get a player that supports MP4, MKV and so on (with AC3, DTS, DTS-HD Audio).
    *for the lastest AppleTV (tvOS) additional support for up to 7.1 channels of 24-bit lossless HD audio (DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD).
    Like Infuse Pro –> https://goo.gl/LHcSr0

    This way the CPU usage on the Synology NAS would be around 1-3% instead of 60-100% and the Videoquality would be the way it should be… Native!

    Of course for those guys who store native Bluray files on the NAS would be pretty heavy to stream (at least 40MBps Upload speed is needed).
    But let's be real here most people have 720p and 1080p rips with a Videobitrate between 2Mbps and 16Mbps.

    Another option is to use Kodi application instead of Videostation.


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