We deal with the brand-new Roku 3 streaming media individual for a thirty day duration, together with the Apple Television set and WD Tv Live set finest containers to inspect every gamer’s strengths and weak points. No media banner is fantastic, however the brand-new Roku has some really eye-catching attributes that are genuinely important.


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  1. If you value ethical business, and your privacy, do not buy one of these. We bought a Roku player to play movies from a USB thumb drive, as advertised. Not until it arrived, did we learn that Roku Inc holds the unit hostage until you register it online, and hand over your credit card information. Only after you either badger their customer service, or dig around online, do you find out that there's an alternate sign-up process. I understand why. They want my personal information for advertising and data mining. Because of this bullying bait and switch tactic, we don't trust the company, and we've decided to throw our brand new unit in the trash. We're getting an Android based media player instead.

  2. I have for previous Rokus they work awesome for the cheaper price. just as fast. the interface is fast enough. if they wanted to improve,add a keyboard to input in search faster. no YouTube? definitely not an improvement. previous versions better

  3. Blame Comcast for trying to extort cash from the makers of the Roku for the absence of HBO Go support.  This is the same reason that you'll not find HBO Go on the PlayStation either; Sony refuses to pay Comcast.

    Microsoft, playing a bit of the underdog, has coughed up the dough to Comcast for HBO Go support on the 360.

  4. Does anyone know if, when you access your USB drive through the Roku, does the Roku see only individual files or also folders. I was hoping that I could plug an external hard drive full of videos and play them with the Roku 3, but if it doesn't organize them by folders, then it won't help much.

    Anyone with information would be incredibly helpful! 😀

  5. Ok,im confused a bit. If I want to watch actual TV,like shows that would air on,lets say, channel 18 at 10pm, could I still watch those or do i have to use cable still? Thanks

  6. Just bought the Roku 3 to replace my old Roku XD|S (2010). 
    I somewhat disagree on Norm's conclusion that if you have one, you won't need another. 
    The upgrade was worth it for me since I cut my cable in 2010 and I have a 2006 dumb Samsung 1080p. 
    The old XD|S had glitches launching apps, was very slow rendering thumbnails and crashed frequently if I try to play or rewind a HD video. 
    Roku 3 was fast with no crashes so far plus adding micro-USB for cache was a bonus. I happened to have 4Gb from old cellphone that did the job
    I was always able to get YouTube through a private channel for Roku since the beginning along with my profile. Now, there's an official app for it but it's only a matter of time before there's ads. 

    Tested use to have an app on Roku before the split-up. I still have the icon on my channel. It's abandon app now. Here's hoping Tested gets a channel on Roku. 
    Giant Bomb is on Roku and not WD which is why I didn't purchase it. 

    Though it was still usable, the XD|S was always crashing at least once a day requiring a reboot. Sometimes, the software doesn't work and I had to physical unplug it to get the reboot to happen. The "delete" character glitch wasn't there but the iPhone app is clunky. No landscape mode. You can choose button or swipe. Swipe mode needs work. Good review, Norm. I miss the old days.  

  7. YouTube was actually just added in December (yaaaaaayyyyyyyy! :D) I have the roku 3 and it's the best streaming device ever!!! I am subscribed 2 comcast but idk if it supports comcast now. Maybe…

  8. As of december 2013 Roku does support YouTube natively, as for the remote, you can pair older remote to your roku (TL remote work on Roku 3) and some universal remote works via IR so you need line of sight to work.

  9. The Roku 3 can do more then even what's in the video , not only can you play Youtube with third party apps(like Playon,twonky,VideoBuzz,) , but I can also play any video format from my computer with some of the Roku apps , like Plex,Playon and more. You do a google search for Private Channels and you get a whole bunch more stuff you can do with it. Now let me plug in a usb flash drive with my family photo's and presto you have a nice screen saver of your family 🙂 .This is not just a stream box with a few apps , this thing now has over a 1,000 and growing everyday.Oh and the Roku app for your phone will also double as a remote plus steam your music/photos from your phone right to Roku. Merry Christmas all 🙂 

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