Analyze out the Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Audio User Interface on Amazon here: ***** Playlist here:

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Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Specifications:.
* 2 designed-in XLR/1/4″ TRS jacks with phantom energy make it possible for you to rapidly join your preferred microphones as well as guitar, bass or keyboard. Talk, sing or carry out and even welcome a visitor!

* Includes 3 assignable “PON” appear impact buttons, with supplied bell, buzzer and applause repercussions – or execute your possess.wav or.mp3 apply for a completely individualized understanding!

* Camouflage your voice with the Voice Outcomes option. Pitch your voice up or down, place a spacey Echo, unsteady Chopper or go previous school with the Walkie-talkie-accepted Radio outcome.

* Double way switch lets the MiNiSTUDIO Developer to function as a structured broadcast gadget or a complete highlighted USB Audio User interface.

Have a look at the Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Private United States-32 Audio User Interface for On the internet Broadcasts on Amazon right here:.

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——— Cameras Utilized To Shoot This Video ——-.
Sony Alpha a6500

YI 4K Movement Digital cam

——— Lens ——-.
Sony 16-35 mm.

——— Tripods ———-.
Manfrotto Xpro Aluminum Motion Picture Monopod.

———- Microphone and Audio ——-.
Sennheiser AVX Digicam-Mountable Digital Wireless Handheld and Lavalier Established Package

BeachTek DXA-Micro-Professional.

Rode VMPR VideoMic Expert.

———- Lights ———–.

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About this video:.
In this motion picture Sean Cannell from Think of media Tv checks out the Tascam MiNiSTUDIO, an audio user interface for live streaming. The tascam ministudio developer and the ministudio person are exceptional instruments for live stream blending, podcasts and video details. Have a look at out this video for all of the details about the Tascam USB audio user interface.


49 thoughts on “Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Evaluation– Audio User Interface for Live Streaming and Podcasting”

  1. This is definitely on the wish list. One question, I do a podcast. How would I integrate this with garage band so I can record my live show and then be able to share it later on Podcast? Thank you! Keep up the great work and Preach Jesus!

  2. getting closer to a good product with this one… Please make a hardware mixer that looks and acts like Voicemeeter Banana.

    honestly wish i could design the perfect mixer for live streaming. it seems they will never get it right!?

  3. I saw a review video where the guy said he couldn't get the ministudio to work in OBS in conjunction with the 'desktop audio' track. It created a massive echo. If ya'll did an OBS setup video for livestream gaming, I'm sure that'd help a ton of people.

  4. As a podcaster I see where they're going….BUT it's not quite there. It feels like an audio board for people who don't want the "hassle" of setting everything up themselves and just want it all to be as easy as possible (this goes for the "pro" version as well. It just lacks what seems to be basic kinda things you need to get professional quality- but not a bad option or price for newbies. Watch the Podfather, himself, Adam Curry- he's going to be launching an option in a somewhat similar vain to this but with the options true podcasts would want (and, yeah, it's gonna run about $500 so it SHOULD be a bit better than this option).

  5. Hey Sean! LOVE the content, big fan. Wanted to thank you guys for the channel…lots of great tips have been taken on board! Love the look of this product, was wondering what the quality of the product is as an audio interface. The benefit of using this as a all in one live stream solution but also being able to hook up to my DAW for voice over work is very interesting. Also, do you know if theres an SD slot in this unit. That would be cool to record direct to SD for voice work. Thanks a mil and keep up the great work. Peter, BC. Canada

  6. Looks cool! I'm doing two local recordings for my podcast because my brother and I live in different cities, but this would definitely be an improvement on the decade old Crate CMX32 I left with him. I use the Tascam DR-40 with an AT4040 for my end and my audio sounds MUCH better. Price point is GREAT, plus I'd love to get a Creator for local guests on my end or game streaming I might still do one day.

  7. Very cool device. I have a podcast and you can edit stuff in but sometimes I want to generate a reaction from other hosts and guests by bringing in other music or as you say audio from other sources and this would make it so easy and intuative.

  8. The device is really cool; especially the convenience features.

    The only thing I find a little lame are the sound effect buttons. I like the idea but only 3 buttons seems super limited.

    I would want 6 to 10; Enough to have 3-4 buttons that are staples and a few others for rotating sound effects/clips.

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