Click listed below and comprehend the best ways to decrease audio latency, or lag, from your live streams and Fb Live. Terrific suggestion for OBS or other 3rd celebration software application.

Click in this post to review overall post – away-audio-lag-latency-live-streaming-obs/


11 thoughts on “The best ways to Eliminate Audio Lag (Latency) from Live Streaming & OBS”

  1. Hallo there! help me pls// i still have delay.. I want to sing and play guitar while streaming and i want to hear myself in phones, but i still have short delay(( m-audioFast Track Ultra, Win 7 x64, latest Obs Studio//

  2. I was doing a 3DS gameplay recording with OBS and I always got an audio lag for some reason. Because of your great help, I was finally able to fix the lag issue and now able to record a 3DS gameplay without any audio lag! Thank you very much Mr. Michael! (*^^*)

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