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27 thoughts on “The best ways to Establish And Usage Wirecast For YouTube Live Streaming”

  1. Thank you so much for this video!! I can't tell you what a huge difference a little step (left out by the Wirecast tutorial I was following) like sign-in made for me!! I feel so stupid, but I was looking everywhere for the screen they were showing me, and couldn't find it in my Youtube Live dashboard or anything. My screen is a little different with a MAC, but I just had to click>stream>destination:Youtube and that finally took me to the screen I needed to continue on Wirecast's tutorial!! Thanks SOOOOOOOOOO much!!

  2. Hi, i wish to start an online streaming web application. but i have no idea where to get the music that i will put on my web application. please do you have any idea? 

  3. has anyone can help me find a video that show you how to connect. its not as simple as this video makes out. Youtbe has been updated all the rules and designs on 1 nov 13 and this video is out dated.

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