In VLOG #057, we examine the Intel NUC Cranium Canyon for live streaming. We are breaking this review into the following films.

1. Opening of package and summary – at?v=dNg_VPlHJGA
2. Live Streaming Standard Test –
3. Live Streaming w/ 2 cams –
4. Hosting your individual interact present –

The Intel NUC laptop computer or computer system series has actually ended up being a favored alternative for multi-media users for a choice of functions generally for the factor that of their compact design and extremely efficient processing abilities. The Intel NUC computer systems can be produced with Intel Celeron, i3, i5 and now i7 processors with as much as 32 Gigabytes of RAM in some situations. In this video collection, we take a look at the most recent Cranium Canyon i7 computer system with a maxed out 32 gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte steady condition challenging travel.

In our live streaming evaluations with the Skull Canyon we observed it more than efficient in changing and streaming 2 1080 p cams with vMix. In the online video below you will see a live presentation of (1) and (2) 1080 p cams utilized as inputs into vMix. As part of our check we integrated 1080 p recording and streaming however right away discovered the Cranium Canyon might deal with extra. So inorder to push the processor even extra we hosted a online video conference get in touch with with a external “digital web cam” made it possible for in 1080 p as efficiently. This is ALOT of video processing and the Cranium canyon did a terrific profession managing it!

At the get going of this live streaming standard screening I actually do not believe any of us wound up thinking of that you might power 2 screen’s on prime of all the 1080 p live streaming and recording we utilize to host our live talk present every week. However, simply after all the test we decided that the Cranium Canyon has the CPU capabilities to energy a high-close live talk program. So this staying video merely just explains ways to host your private go over present with the Intel NUC Cranium Canyon and a handful of options for purchasers with much less efficient Laptop.

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One thought on “The best ways to host a live streaming interact screen – w/ Intel NUC Skull Canyon”

  1. Even though the NUCs are capable doing everything in one box, they are cheap enough to have multiple machines and split up functions to load them less (also gives you spares that can take the other functions on a machine failure). I've gone complete IP connectivity for everything (skip all the frame grabbers, etc. we are almost to 2017!). Connect to the cameras via IP, mixer outputs (using #snowmix and #gstreamer on #linux) go out IP Multicast, so they are available to everything on the same network segment to work with. Desktop video can be streamed over IP Multicast (or unicast) also using gstreamer (preferred way using ximagesrc on Linux ) or VLC (preferred windows method), same for audio…

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