EZWebplayer’s Matt Wilson shows you ways to embed Live Streaming Site Video to any web website!

Update – Dec 10, 2012 – Make sure to visit our website for extra information about setting a live streaming gamer with EZWebPlayer.com – this video provides circumstances url streams, you have to need to visit us at EZWebPlayer.com to obtain the most existing details, thinking about that YouTube will not have a ‘change file’ like EZWebPlayer.com does.

Update -Might 8 2012-.
Adobe has a fantastic “Ways to” on area up your have Adobe Flash Media Server.http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashmediaserver/content/starting-fms45-pt01.html

If you will not wish to protect your very own media server EZWebPlayer now provides live streaming with our brand-new Expert and White Label methods. We will think about care of the stream for you and all you need to do is open Flash Media Live Encoder and area in the FMS URL and Stream Title then you are all developed. Get out much more information about our Pro and White Label alternatives here.


15 thoughts on “The Best Ways To Integrate Live Streaming Online video to your Websites”

  1. Hello boxcast presenters. I have watched lots of your presentations.  I love the picture quality.  Great work.  My question is is on hardware setup and Web design setup combination.  

    I want to setup an Online TV station for my local church and want it to run like  www.godtv.com 

    I already have 2 camera's dslr. A video mixer. A server. Internet. ATEM black magic presenter. 

    But we want to go online on the Web site like the above Web site. Can you assist on this project.

    Thank you.


    [email protected]gmail.com


  2. Hi, this is interesting but how can you use EZwebplayer to be able to share the screen and not just your webcam? And it would be nice to be able to share in the same live stream chatters that you are chatting with online. How can all this be done by using the Adobe Flash media live encoder and the Flash Media Development server 3.5 and the EZwebplayer? Let's say we also want to produce all this in 1270 and Full HD 1920. Does Adobe have all these services (which ones – I would like to know the exact services/platforms/software?) or can we use free or payed services of other top quality providers (which ones?). I tested the free version of ManyCam but got a very bad impression because it is just made for making money and not for meeting the needs of the user that feeling I get very strong so I did kick out that software. It was so messy and unprofessional and I expect the payed versions to be no better. When a company not let you test out the full version of it right away they most likely have no professional version at all. A trial version of the full version is needed and when that does not exist they most likely have no professioanal software but only pretends.

  3. Well seems this guy is dead or something cause none of these guy got any answer. Anyway let me try hello are you there? I need help streaming live church services on our church website. Can you helpusout?

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