This video shows you ways to set up a live stream for world-wide-web playback by method of the Wowza Streaming Engine ™ and Wowza GoCoder ™ services.

We suggest that you take a look at The best ways to set up Wowza Streaming Motor ( in advance of seeing this tutorial.


4 thoughts on “The best ways to perform your first live stream using Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza GoCoder”

  1. Hello, i want to build a MVP with the GoCoder and the Streaming Engine. As show in the video, the stream has an http adress which i can embed on my website, right? Can serveral people stream to my wowza account with the GoCoder at the same time? I want to embed the http adress of the streams on my website and when they start to stream it will be automaticaly live on my website. So the streams must have a fixed http adress i guess. Could you please tell me if its possible or how should i make it right. Thank you.

  2. Hi Wowza Team, Currently I am Researching for Technology to build an Audio Live Music sync App for iOS and Android similar to 'AMPME' mobile Application. Can you explain does it possible to build a similar App like 'AMPME' by using Wowza and AWS Cloud front to stream music on realtime?. And please provide me the resources and guide including features and limitation of your Technology. Thanks in Advance.

  3. I want my programmer to code my live streaming app (Android, iOS). If we buy the Wowza streaming engine for our back end, using the Wowza SDK, we also want to build a chat messenger along with live streaming and add additional features to live streaming that no other live streaming app currently has. Using the Wowza SDK for our server, can we do anything we want or are we limited to what I see in this video in terms of button layouts, button images and features while still using the Wowza live streaming capabilities?

    Based on this video, for my app i'd change the buttons layout, focus on using Portrait streaming, add additional button based features to the live streaming and include a chat messenger for live streaming among streamers/viewers. Can we do as we please while using Wowza live streaming service?

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