30 thoughts on “The Best Ways To Setup Youtube Live Streaming and Wirecast for Youtube 2014”

  1. Ok I dontt understand this but whenever I press authenticate it says that im not logged in to youtube like what the hell I already logged in to my yt please help me

  2. I try to use wire cast and I am getting an orange record button instead of red…. I used black magic speed rest and I am at 480MB/sec.. I don't understand what is going on.

  3. HELP. My wirecast Authenticate screen shows another account that I have used before but I need to sign in to a new YT account but it does not show that on the popup screen. How do I fix this so that I can see my new account in the popup to select for Authenticate?

  4. I'm trying to hook up the full version of wire cast what do i select on the broadcast setting in wire cast for "destination" the youtube option give me an error message when i try to authenticate as if they are not communicating

  5. Hi Branden, thanks for the very helpful video.  
    Question: Once I embed the youtube video into my website – is there a way to have it automatically playing when someone enters my site?  Thanks for any advice you can offer!  -Ben

  6. if i have a elgato and iMac can  use them both to do pack openings on it through live stream on utube and can i get the FaceTime cam to work from my iMac

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