hey there frd.
presently we master about the best ways to broad strong any audio online video file with vlc.
down load most current vlc individual i have currently.
do similar like me.
i am relaying mp3 now.
customize port u can make up almost anything like123 mp3 ext.
see streamming began.
now we need to analyze it can be working or not.
open another media individual.
here lookup in google ip integrate.
Url should be http://YourIp: Port/path.
my own was/ DjN1k.mp3 u can put123 mp3 far too.
yeah we completed.
plz remark beneath.


17 thoughts on “The best ways to Stream utilizing VLC Web Streaming Server House windows) On the net Fm Radio Channel”

  1. Great tutorial. I am running VLC and all on Linux so I was asked for the router login plus I think that one have to choose a port that is not disabled by firewall… Thanks!

  2. For testing you don't need to know your public IP, you can use local IP: or "localhost" instead. If you want broadcast to the world,  you should make sure that your firewall is open for the port you chooses, as well your router if you have one, is open to incoming traffic on that port and directing to your computer.

  3. I'm trying to stream the Real Brother Radio Show to Tune In they won't accept programs originating in Ustream but the WindAmp doesn't have the Producer program which carries my content etc. It has a way to plug my Ustream URL into Shoutcast which Tune In does accept. I tried to stream my Ustream through it but couldn't get it to work. Please show me how to do it? Thanks,


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