Hey people Brentgoesham in this short article, This is my at first ways to online video. With any luck, I was capable to allow you identify out ways to efficiently deliver a single online video stream from obs or any live streaming service to a variety of streaming websites. It is exactly what I chose not long after much examination and it works splendidly. You can even utilize the server to integrate other mates streams into a single as completely. Nginx is a really powerfull tool and if you can customize it to do exactly what you plan it to do.

If you have any queries really feel definitely complimentary to comment under. You can likewise take a look at out my website at http://brenton.tech the links to all my social networks accounts are signed up with there.

Nginx obs link–.
https://obsproject.com/discussion board/methods/how-to-established-up-your-have-private-rtmp-server-utilizing-nginx.50/

Linode backlink–https://www.linode.com/

Domain Determine–.

Unique lots of thanks to Wendel around at tek linuxhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWcZ6Wicl-1N34H0zZe38w
for producing a great handbook!


14 thoughts on “The best ways to: Supreme Streaming Server! Stream All over you go!! Utilizing Nginx and Linode”

  1. Brent nice stream. I'm looking to do the same thing that your doing. But the component that I'm missing is the player and chat interface to my web page. What has to be done to set up that type of configuration on a page on a webpage on my website? thank you in advance

  2. can u help me pls sir,i have a server in my local with nginx,i can connect,but i have a question,how to i can embed this streamming( my local is a server) to a my website?? tks sir

  3. Can you please post your full nginx.conf file? (obviously minus your stream keys) I've set all this up but each platform complains that the video format isn't correct e.g. wrong resolution, wrong bitrate, etc. Thanks

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