14 thoughts on “Tim Owens Info to Streaming with Wowza on Amazon EC2”

  1. Jeff, I have been using the wowza/aws service as you mentioned in the video. Recently, Amazon updated the way we choose the community AMI (wowza in this case). Since then, I can start the server and if I put the IP address on a web browser, shows the server is running.

    However, when I connect from Adobe Flash media encoder 3.1, it says "FAILURE TO CONNECT TO PRIMARY SERVER"… any solution to this?

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  2. Thank you Jeff. What I cannot understand is the pricing between the rate per hour and the rate per GB. Is it either or? Or I must pay the per hour rate for the instance and the per GB for the streaming service? Thanks.

  3. A Medium or Large instance should suffice, so (aside from the monthly $5/month fee) 26~46 cents/hour. I added a link to DevPay rates in the video descriptions above. Good luck.

  4. You can buy your own license, but it's much more expensive than the $5/month for a 'dev/pay' setup. I can't post the link in a YouTube comment, but if you follow the 'Wowza on EC2 Wowza.com/ec2-streaming.html' link from the URL posted in the description, it will get you there.

  5. However, they tell me i need to up grade to their Advanced Dedicated Server which is $150 a month if i pay th $1800 yearly fee.
    it includes these features.
    Intel® Xeon® 3430
    2.40GHz, 8MB Cache
    Turbo Quad Core /4T
    RAM: 4GB
    Storage: 500GB
    Bandwidth: 6.0TB/mo
    IP Addresses: 10
    Environment: CentOS

    im looking to fined what is the best host for my needs my needs being. I inexpensive price, live streaming and on demand streaming, and where sever media server i need to be running.

  6. Im not much of a tech so laymen's terms work best. I have been doing research for over 6 months (this is how i found your video) but it seems to get more confusing and when i have contacted some companies they just seem to want to sell me thier top products. Than you in advance for reading my very long message and i look forward to any help you can provide me.


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