Learn how to broadcast making use of Traktor professional and Icecast server.

Objects desired:
Traktor Scratch Professional or Traktor Professional
Ice Forged
www.icecast.org (freedownload)

Actually do not forget about to open the ports in your router and to set your passwords within the config file for icecast!

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29 thoughts on “Traktor Broadcast How To”

  1. Hey men I know this a long time u did this video but 1 problem the link don't work on other PC any suggestion, the broadcast only works on ip only

  2. open the command prompt(cmd.exe), write "ipconfig" and look for "default gateway: *some ip address*"

    take that IP address and type it inot your browser, and you should come to your router config page(google your router model number for the default password, or call and ask your ISP)

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