Long run evidence Live Movie Streaming with Livebox.

Livebox with more super powers in 2018

A studio performing live streaming employing IVB7 encoding products and solutions and the Livebox server (consultant image)

This calendar year, there is a lot of new things in keep for Livebox. Live video streaming will keep acquiring improved than at any time ahead of with Livebox.

Oh and by the way,you can establish your manufacturer with Livebox. Did you know that you don’t require a seperate web hosting provider when you use Livebox? That is right, you can run your business enterprise straight out of the box with Livebox. Just increase your business web-site within just it. Use Let us encrypt cost-free SSL certificates to protected your web site.


Here’s what is on the roadmap :

  1. Total assist for UDP inputsThe future of Livebox and Live Streaming
  2. A lot more video clip applications
  3. A lot quicker Livebox setups and updates
  4. Quick file and replay
  5. Superior Live encoder to be provided with Livebox
  6. IPTV enhancements
  7. Ability to use Livebox to operate your business with organization empowerment equipment preinstalled
  8. New WebRTC capabilities
  9. More movie related tools and surprises.

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