Trials Mounting gameplay: Exterior Xtra is joined by Outdoors Xbox as we ramp into bicycle-racing recreation and injury simulator Trials Growing. We check functioning collectively within the tandem co-op method, and see how correctly we do versus a single one other in co-op!

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Outdoors the home Xtra is a companion channel to Exterior Xbox, masking the broader planet of gaming with weekly lists, Allow us to Performs and shows along with your hosts Ellen and Luke. Appear for normal appearances by OG Exterior Xboxers Andy, Jane and Mike, and sometimes extra of the movies you get pleasure from, about additional of the platforms you get pleasure from, from a gaggle now two women and men bigger sized basic.

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37 thoughts on “TRIALS Climbing LIVESTREAM: Exterior Xtra & Exterior Xbox Carry out Trials Rising LIVE @ Server”

  1. Arachnophobia is silly. Mosquitoes versus spiders. Fear the thing that spreads malaria, not the thing that reduces the total number of deadly disease carrying organisms.

  2. I love Ellen and Mike together so much, I really enjoyed the show of the weekend of them playing rally cars together and it made me wish I could see Ellen go over to Mikes to try that game with his full racing setup, this livestream made me want that to be a thing even more!

  3. I once woke up with an enormous spider just chilling right in the crook of my arm. She just peacefully left when I started moving. Absolutely bloody terrifying yet strangely endearing

  4. Hold on, Ellen said that wrong at the start. It should have been Europia, right? America, Canadia, Europia?

    Also, 1:09:45. OR, and I'm just spit balling here: ants, mosquitoes, AND spiders can all just fuck off. Solves the whole problem

  5. Speaking of spider dreams: I had a nightmare where spiders were on my face, tried to remove them, scratched my eyelid irl… if I'm lucky I'll get a cool scar out of it?..

  6. Absolutely f*** Centipedes.

    We had a big ass poisonous one in our loungeroom last night. it took multiple boot stomps and full on dismemberment to kill it.

    Never been so stressed out, usually my wife handles insects for me, not that thing. We were both hopeless.

  7. "The dirtbike is our paintbrush, and the track is our canvas."
    So, if we follow that metaphor to its conclusion … your ink would be … blood ? Lots and lots of blood and pulped internal organs ?

  8. The thing that ooked me out in Bio class was when you got to the parasites, like hook worms, flat worms, round worms, and tapeworms. And that in short is why I don't walk on grass barefoot.

  9. Not even commenting on the actual video but I noticed your video game music video didn’t have final fantasy and that my friends is appalling lol 😂 I mean for god sakes who doesn’t shed tears when somnus plays or have a heart attack when one winged angel plays and not to mention its bombastic epic to die for battle themes FFVI decisive battle and let the battles begin from 7 were defining pieces and also omnis lacrima just gets your blood pumping and your heart racing as you go through the endeavor of fighting a giant turtle and what about Neir automata like come on the city ruins theme is so tear Jerking I was compelled to fighting machines and not to mention how exhilarating bipolar nightmare was, it really blasted off the game on an explosive epic start that has its its melancholic songs too such as the city ruins theme again don’t take this the wrong way I love you guys but come on how can you forget Neir and Final Fantasy

  10. Just a quick note, it isn't that goldfish grow to the size of their container, it is that if the goldfish is kept in a container that is too small, the fish's growth is stunted, which is extremely stressful for the fish and significantly shortens their lifespan. There are different species of goldfish, but generally they can grow to be 1-2 feet (0.3-0.6 meters) long and live for up to 20 years if kept properly. At this point, I should't have to say, but I will anyway, that so called "goldfish bowls" are absolute deathtraps for goldfish.

  11. So I killed a spider when the spider talk started. It was crawling on my phone which I was watching through. Honestly surprised how chill I handled it, didnt start freaking out inside until I caught it. I did the omg spider dance after tossing the tissue with spider corpse in the can.

  12. The first time I heard 'Bearelwen' inthis video I thought they said 'Barrelwen' and imagined an adventure for the Oxboxtra crew similar to the prison break in Wind Waker, catapulted barrel entry and all

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