Members of the Coronavirus Exercise Drive maintain a data conference.

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38 thoughts on “Trump, Mnuchin speak to push all through White Property press briefing”

  1. Maga: greatest bailout in history for farmers.

    Maga: largest bail in earth’s history for corona.

    Maga: great at cleaning up its Own messes,
    The trade war mess trump started, and now the virus mess trump exacerbated by refusing to take this serious, and telling us all the virus was a liberal hoax. I literally have trump on video countering cdc recommendations and telling people to “keep shaking hands.” The gall he has to refuse to acknowledge his mistakes is unbearable.

  2. We need test kits to stay in business our customer r afraid to let our Sales Ppl & Installer’s coming out? We should have done $8M this yr. we checked with Lab Corp. they said they would have to order them at over $50 per kit. We r fine with cost just need kits!

  3. We are in the home Improvement Busineses. We did $6M it was looking like we would hit 7-8 $M this year! We do Solar, Roofing, siding & Windows. Out customers r afraid to let out salesmen & Installer’s come to their house? We need test kits so we can tell them our workers have been tested! We did talk to Lab Corp they said they would have to order them at a cost of over &50 which is fine with us we just need test kits!

  4. Here's what I love. Drumph got elected by 70 thousand votes spread out over three states. These idiots think that's actually going to happen again. LMFAO. EVERYBODY WANTS HIM GONE!! November. Tick tock…

  5. Relief checks?? Sure the money's cool for only a temporary moment but it won't in any way bribe or buy off this so called virus thing away. And even if we do get the money, we wouldn't be able to spend it due to all the social distancing and lockdown. Just a GOP stunt for reelection. In the meantime I'll be in my civil defense basement. Everyone be careful out there..

  6. Every time Republicans are in control of the White house, there is always a recession or collapse of the banks or pandemic !! Now Fox is trying to GIVE their broadcasts away so the can spread propaganda across all platforms , no one's taking the bait yet ! So again we the people will have to tighten their belts up and straighten out this mess again . I guess common sense isn't so common !

  7. I don't understand why people are hating on the President for this. We are going through a National Emergency health crissis. We as a country are trying to stop the spread of the virus, to contain it, so people don't get infected, so self quarantine makes sense, and President Trump is trying to help the American worker and small business owners, and it helps the economy. Just imagine how people were living before the virus outbreak, but they were living like that today, then there would be many more Americans infected and many more American deaths.

  8. You gotta love how Republicans and corporate Democrats switched sides. No free healthcare. Keep socialism out of the USA. The coronavirus virus come free healthcare for those with symptoms. 1000.00 dollar check for everyone (andrew yang) ideal. Paid leave no question asked if you feel sick. What gets me not one person asked how we gonna pay for this. Personally I think this was one of trump best speech. He didnt bring up the 2016 elections kudos for that low bar.

  9. Trump & team are doing an excellent job, the people see what the MSM are doing, and that is disgusting, so MSM keep deluding yourselves but the people ain't turning on their president. The Republican party has behaved with integrity and dignity for the love of country and citizen.

  10. When the media finally started reporting this virus they were calling it Wuhan Virus, but WHO said oh we will call in CONV 19, which can't be easily remembered but Chinese Virus Wet Market was being said, But media now says that's RACIST to say, well they said it first.

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