CAUTION: Recorded cam image in this motion picture sparkles rapidly. Keep in mind to be really cautious if you have problems with flickering lights.

A little tutorial on how to do a 2 digital electronic camera setup for live streaming.

Software application plan used: OBS Studio –

See my online video “How to do Youtube Live Streaming on House windows, Mac or Linux with OBS” on how to put in OBS and utilize it for live streaming:


8 thoughts on “Tutorial – 2 digicam live streaming with OBS”

  1. I used to multi cam on my mac with no problems , however since I switched over to PC I cant seem to get OBS to activated booth cameras at the same time. I have manually deactivate 1 and reactivate the other, and still no luck getting both to play at the same time… any suggestions, Ty in advance.

  2. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm learning about OBSย at the moment. Is it possible to switch cameras automatically? Lets say change camera every 2 seconds or so while streaming? I am a musician and it would be great to stream shows with more webcams but without someone having to be behind the screen.

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