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8 thoughts on “TUTORIAL for DISCORD SERVER LIVE STREAMING on Each and every single Favored Neighborhood!”

  1. Thanks for the info. I have wanted to make videos for some time. I know you provide the Amazon link to the headphones you recommend, but I was wondering what mic or wireless headphones you would recommend to someone who is streaming their craft room or workshop and walking around making stuff. Also, car racing gamers have a camera on both them and the drifters use another camera on their stick shift. I would like to have two cameras at once one on my hands and one showing the room at the same time.
    I keep saying I am gonna start making videos. I just moved to a house where I have space and set up a great craftroom and a garage workshop in the works for the summer. Yippie!

  2. Ive tried to get on discord but it stops completely when it gets to checking if I am a bot. I cant get past that and it might be my connection speed because once I go thru my 3gb then they lower my connection speed to 128k. I cant up my plan because I cant afford to. If thats not it then what am I doing wrong to get on discord??

  3. Awesome video! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I'll need to rewatch 100 times to catch everything, but you held my attention and what you said made sense, EVEN TO A PACHYDERM, (and thats sayin a lot!). Will be working on getting this up and running tomorrow, fingers crossed I won't mess it up too badly. You guys are the BEST!!! This is the only place on the net this info can be found in a way that tells you where to get software, best names to use, helpful tips, etc. Uni and Rach, you all ROCK!! Pachy Paw bump! I give it 10 pistachios! ~Pachy~

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