U2 conducting at Stay Assist in entrance of 72,000 individuals in the present day in Wembley Stadium, London on the 13th July, 1985. The celebration was organised by Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to extend money for the Ethiopian famine catastrophe. Broadcast internationally by utilizing simply one of many largest satellite tv for pc url-ups of all time, the concert events had been considered by throughout 40% of the worldwide inhabitants.
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33 thoughts on “U2 – Poor (Stay Assist 1985)”

  1. A calm moment in time before all the shit hit the fan! And egos ballooned out of all recognition. You wanted to change the world for the better? Know we live on a satellite of HATE! I’m wide awake… Are U2?

  2. Man the summer of 85 had just graduated high school my brother and my friends were working that Saturday i was off watched most of the day it was hot as hell in bayonne nj great day to be inside

  3. Many a music commentator has noted that when Bono sings, it is like he is singing for his life. This is no exception, he brings everything to this performance. This is do or die, and that is where something transcendent happens. His vulnerability evokes an openess in the crowd, then you observe something beautiful and rare, and bloody powerful.

  4. Great song bad mullet. Bono. They sucked for 2 years after this until 1987 and 1991 when they were still great but now 25 years later they play huge places ,60 thousands or so and charge 200 bucks a seat. What a scam.

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