12 thoughts on “UE4 Pixel Streaming | Unreal Fest Europe 2019 | Unreal Motor”

  1. I am not able to send a double click event, it always triggers the on mouse down event. Went through the C++ scripts as well but no luck. My game has a browser in which many pages have double click interaction. It works in exe file but not through pixel streaming. Any help is appreciated

  2. nice sir but my question is that .how to get your unreal engine 4 game HTML5 project working on wordpress ,and bluehost /dreamhost based personnel website not on local host…Please make tutorial step by step …?

    I have searched all over internet but didn't find good info on this topic

    Actually my unreal engine 4 game size remains between 100 to 200 mb , not in GB any way ,can you please make tutorial for that..?

  3. A doubt. Can we make multiple users use the same game with each player seeing their own version of game i.e. what they do on their device should not affect other devices.

  4. what about streaming like youtube but where the game graphic rendering is converted to flash stream and a game loader app runs the flash stream in fullscreen. the rest of the data chould be very small anyway. this way, there chould be no delay and slow pc choud be able to play power intensive games by a cloud server doing all the real work. i was thinking about a system where people pay membership per month for playing.

  5. Will there be the possibility to send the audio from the remote device to the Unreal application? It would be useful if we'd like to implement a voice-chat.

  6. Hi, can you tell me please. Pixel Streaming in my server(localhost) work fine. But other devices can't connect. I have global IP address but it not work. What you can advise for it?

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