Unity simply added a brand new facet and it actually is rather like magic. RenderStreaming greater than WebRTC. Stream the same match to a number of devices greater than their browser at full velocity with virtually zero vitality.

This video will present the method then reveal you methods to empower it by yourself. The pursuing connection has part by part directions on methods to get began!

https://www.gamefromscratch.com/put up/2019/09/18/Unity-Release-Render-Streaming-About-WebRTC.aspx


37 thoughts on “Unity&#39s Superb New Social gathering Trick! Render Streaming over WebRTC!”

  1. Hi, thanks for the great guide. Do you think it could be a viable solution to stream textures between multiple unity apps? i'm trying to make a multiplayer app where a central machine running windows can draw on a texture, and multiple android devices can see the drawing in realtime. thanks for any help/tip/suggestion

  2. Hi, I imported Render Streaming from package and I tried to run the sample project… I have this exception: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
    Could you help me?

  3. Awesome as always, i've been following you since the beginning and it just gets better everytime!
    I just started making Youtube Videos myself
    I don't want to be rude, but i hope you can check out my channel
    I just love Fortnite and hope i can make your day just a little bit better <3

  4. 1st thoughts. Runs in Editor only? Ok more of a question really. I forgot if that was mentioned or not. No love for Unity Remote I suppose. Not sure what the whole point of this is otherwise unless it’s to prepare for services such as Google Stadia. I am a fan of WebRTC though so it’s kinda cool.

  5. Kinda bare bones implementation (like most unity features), but it has some potential to be a great productivity tool.
    Great for non-PC development.
    This would be better as a dev tool, to manage your editor instance and making easier workflow tools, rather than just web streaming your play mode. Like what UE4 showed at siggraph 2019

  6. So what are the use cases?
    Maybe see how the UI fits on a mobile?
    Since it supports multiple connections, you could see how the game looks on different mobile sizes but any other usage for it?
    Kinda scratching my head here.

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