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40 thoughts on “Update Online video|| Hermitcraft Reset|Patreon Server|Live Streaming”

  1. You know, you're really good in that game in your update video. You should suggest it to some of the Hermits 🙂 Anyway, we get the information well, and you already won that Minecraft game like twice in your update videos!

  2. omg i want to donate to be on the patreon server!  and i will donate to you on twitch if i ever see you.  I don't any any ideas on what kind of base you should build sorry!!!

  3. First of all, before yo ucomment, the new world is going to be amplified so that's that. Also false, an random idea i has was to build an house/base on top of an custom made cloud, how does that sound? also what server was you playing on?

  4. Ok, so i've got this really cool and unique idea for a base for the hermitcraft reset.
    I thought it would be cool if you moved into a snowy biome and made really cool ice-castle out of snow, quartz, ice (of course), prismarine, blue stained glass etc. I've never really seen anyone build in that style, i think the chilly look of a large-scale build like that would be amazing. 

  5. make a base underwater and then make a floating island above it and make it on the side of a part of land so it looks like a invading island XD

  6. I am definitely gonna watch your new series false and drop someone else's series (not a hermitcraft series) cause I love the look of your builds that xisuma has shown and the things I see in your stream. Enjoy the reset!!!

  7. BASE idea: it needs to be falsely symmetrical. Choose 2 almost-identical mountains in close proximity (since "Twin Peaks" is coming back, this is even topical in pop culture). Internal elevators, levels for gardens, contraptions, etc. Villager housing, up and down. Build style is on you. Perhaps 1 modern & the other "Middle Ages" or some such? For a big project, collab with Tango, Mumbo and others on the amusement park minigames. You may not be great at redstone, IDK, but you can make them beautiful.

  8. Hermitcraft base/project idea. Jungle village in the sky. You could make tons of detailed villager houses up in the trees and make a community, try to add some other cool buildings. Maybe they could pray to a statue of you.I think this could be epic! P.s love your videos! CTx

  9. Btw false I was the guy on your live stream that was saying about u and mumbo and to swap water with lava , just wont to say hi and if you able to do a shout out in a vid pls:)

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