If you may be making a film library or coaching course, you possibly can must have capabilities outdoors of what’s attainable with NGINX Open up Useful resource. NGINX Moreover extends these traits to spice up effectiveness and conclusion-consumer data with prebuilt modules. NGINX Strategies Engineer James Jones will present you tips on how to use NGINX Furthermore to cache motion pictures, supply movie-on-need options, and restrict bandwidths.

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9 thoughts on “Utilizing NGINX Moreover for Superior On-line video Streaming”

  1. Hi, great video, but i would like to know if there is a way to limit nginx bitrate when push to specific rtmp? For example I need to limit upload bitrate to facebook because if i set in obs 6mb of bitrate, facebook is using all 6mb but other pushes not work normally, is lagging. I would like to adjust 3mb for facebook and 3mb to twitch for example

  2. Hi I have a Live streaming camera, it streams to a multicast Address ( )on the local netwok using Mpeg2-TS using an h.264 encoder. I can decode and viw using gstreamer with udpsrc ! tsdemux ! h264parse ! avdec_264 ! autovideosink. how can I get this stream so it is available for HLS / DASH on Nginx. Your videos have been amazing to help me get my first webpage live with HLS streaming.

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