Why does my neighbour hear the rating within the massive match forward of I do? Dr Steve Bagley appears at why film streams put up with delays.

The Interlaced On-line video Situation: https://youtu.be/rCUjvK-zbHw
Onion Routing (TOR): https://youtu.be/QRYzre4bf7I
Out of Get CPUs: https://youtu.be/_qvOlL8nhN4


This on-line video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Laptop computer Science on the School of Nottingham: https://bit.ly/nottscomputer

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22 thoughts on “Video clip Streaming Issues – Computerphile”

  1. The delay of the german TV channel football worldcup has been 20 Minutes and has been 360p… The delay of the austrian 4K HDR online stream has been about 2 minutes compared to Sattelite TV…

  2. Multicasting was a swing & a miss from the 90's, but what a hyped idea it was. Then in 2006, everyone thought peer to peer streaming was the future. The modern method of video chunks is too damn slow & unreliable.

  3. I’ve worked with streaming video over multicast; No way this is happening any time soon. The multicast implementations of virtually all deployed hardware out there are completely broken. It’s not just routers. Switches have to support it as well.

  4. I work on the service side of publishing a video site. Most common chunk sizes I've seen are 5 to 10 seconds, and our advice to people writing clients is to start three chunked video files off live. That would also add into a significant amount into that backset.

  5. Can you do a video on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the security issues it's posing? I just saw a commercial for a Ford car that communicates with Alexa that communicates with a dog bowl. It looked like hackers haven to me but I'm kind of new to this stuff. Love all of the videos.

  6. So if i streamed the world cup final, and i dont close my browser. I have all the .m4s files cached do i then in theory have the ability to save the whole 90 minutes of footage? I understand this is probably against the law but im just trying to work out the theory

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