In addition to ending up being a net server NGINX supports a choice of video streaming innovations. This interact will evaluate the existing video streaming techniques on the NGINX system, like VOD and live streaming.

The mp4/flv modules wound up initially penned for mp4 pseudo-streaming. They can be made use of with Adobe Flash plugin to help random trying to find. The HLS module provides a method to stream mp4 films to iOS and Android-based cell devices. The RTMP module (third-occasion, an element of the SMS NGINX circulation) offers assistance for RTMP VOD and live streaming as effectively as HLS live streaming.

Roman is a computer system developer at NGINX. He is the author of different third-party NGINX modules, consisting of the RTMP streaming module. Prior to NGINX he produced dispersed storage and video streaming treatments.


5 thoughts on “Video Streaming with NGINX: Roman Arutyunyan @nginxconf 2014”

  1. I have a Centos 7 with nginx/1.8.1 and the –with-http_mp4_module is in the arguments of nginx, but even if i use the start parameter the video still start from the beginning. What i miss?

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