43 thoughts on “Video Tutorial Latest Chrome – The best ways to acquire ANY streaming online video”

  1. Interesting… Google, YouTube, has instigated a Cross-Scripting Attack Protection, order on all future video download attempts, apparently downloading in this manner is against YouTube TOS. So beware if you sign-in to your account before such a download attempt Google, will instigate a track of your web activity.

  2. Worked beautifully! Thank you! It is very helpful that you move at a moderate pace. Too many guys are so familiar with this stuff they fly through so fast, it's impossible to keep up. Good production. Thanks again.

  3. how can I download from a membership site ? I need to download videos from a paid membership side thats runs Flash on all the videos and I could not use anything to download them .Please let me know how I can download Flash Videos from these type of sites….Thanks !!!!!!

  4. Another way for this same method since ive run into this issue.
    – XHR splits it into useless junk
    – Media may not show anything for you
    – Other, this one however worked for me i just didnt know it yet.

    I checked other, it showed alot of failed or canceled statues. But one thing loaded, a text/html. I clicked it, and it in new tab, and wahla it loaded my video, and aloud me to right click and save video.

    Hopefully this helps some of you still trying to figure out how to download your streamed/downloaded video from flash player.

  5. when i copy the link into the browser URL and enter, google chrome says "Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know" what should i do now?

  6. I tried everything you have suggested in the video, even in the comments, but still nothing works. I keep getting M4s files (segments) and it's separated into multiple small files and each one is nonplayable. Please help me.

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