This is a subsequent of my previous motion picture. I figured out to re-do the total tutorial now that my throat is experience a small much better.

Ideally you can have an understanding of me unique enough to comply with exactly what is going on. Thorough tutorial beneath.


Move 1. Obtain & Install VLC Media Gamer.

Download Url:

Phase 2. Run VLC not long after putting in and merely click the Media fall-down menu. Pick “Stream” from the menu and select the Seize System sub-menu.

Move 3. Make sure there is no motion picture device chosen which the audio gadget picked is the 1 that you desire males and females to hear sound originating from.

For Desktop Audio you are going to wish to select “Stereo Integrate” or its equivalent and after that strike “Stream” at the base right of the window.

( e.g. Selecting your microphone will permit listeners to pay attention to no matter exactly what audio your microphone gets.).

Stage 4. When VLC asks you to select a supply the default should presently be “dshow://”, if it is – strike Next.

Move 5. Change the place from File to HTTP and click “Boost”, NOT “Up coming”.

Action 6. Arrange a variety into the port field that you think about is not in usage by a more strategy and/or server at present working on your neighborhood. (e.g. 1588, 1558, 1337 … etcetera.).

In the Path topic you can put no matter what you desire, as extended as you hold the forward slash. (When it comes to this motion picture, we made use of “/ Radio.mp3”). Click Upcoming when you have actually packed out each fields.

Move 7. Trigger Transcoding if it is not presently and after that select the profile that fits with exactly what you have to relay. Such as video for cam streams and audio for sending virtually absolutely nothing however noise. Then struck next, once again.

Step 8. It is actually typically most reliable to have “Stream all primary streams” inspected, simply in-circumstance you encounter any issues. After you’re thrilled with all the above, merely click “Stream”.

Step 9. Get out whether or not you occur to be now sending audio to the internet by obtaining your IP from and after that integrating: 1337/ Radio.mp3 (Or whichever you chosen for the Port and Path) to the close of it.

Circumstances: 91.2823910: 1588/ MyStream.mp3.

If you see an MP3 playing without the requirement of an close – you have actually effectively started transmitting live to the web and can start sharing the URL with buddies and perform it to audio courses.


Make certain you you must not hesitate to fall me a line if you are having problem with environment up VLC to stream your audio. I will even more than happily provide a motivating hand.



6 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Streaming Desktop Audio with VLC Media Individual (With Commentary)”

  1. Hi, good video but I couldn't get the last test didn't work. My audio stream could not be read in a browser using my internet ip. I would enter http://myip:8080/test.mp3 in the browser but it times out. I disabled my firewalls, but still the browsers would not connect. I added port forwarding (not sure it was necessary) for port 8080, and for port 8585 which I also tried. I was testing with Firefox, Internet Explore 11, and an Android cell phone. It would actually connect in all three cases using http://localhost:8080/test.mp3, but of course that doesn't help when I want to offer the stream over the net. My pc is Windows 7. It seems a simple thing. Do you know of a solution or something I can try? Thanks.

  2. Oh, is there any way to have vlc retain the streaming config? it doesn't seem to, from what I can see.. .unless it does when closed and opened, but going back into media seems to reset it all.

    Also, I can't test with Google Chrome because it wants to download as a file LOL

    Not an issue, however. I just test and use WinAmp.

  3. Zealon, YOU ARE the one who got me over the block!
    I could not get VLC streaming at all…..

    Your video showed me the error of my ways. LOL

    At 4:07 is where I was before, putting in the full URL for my stream! I didn't realize it was a name.

    Of course, I had to open a port for 8080 on the router for my server.

    Now, doing it right using a direct audio device which is my Behring x1024USB mixer, I am now able to stream to Second Life and Open Sim.

    Thank you SOOO much!!!!

  4. It doesn't work, when I go to my internet browser, I write my ip + port etc, and then the browser tells me that the video cannot be read because the file is wrong… 🙁

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