ENGLISH: Ways to stream Television set channel with VideoLAN (VLC gamer)?

VideoLAN 2.x streaming tutorial for analog Tv tuners. Requirement concept is the exact same for streaming multimedia information files or other take gadgets like web web cams or dvb tv cards. All setups on the “far-off” server (server is a desktop system with IP take on 192.168.3 and ASUS Television set Tuner card within) had actually been done utilizing TightVNC on a customer (client is a remote laptop computer system with IP take on 192.168.2). Products to invest interest to: selecting and ideal take system alternatives, proper procedure variety (RTP, MMSH, HTTP …) and proper encapsulation (MPEG/TS, H264 …), IP attending to, Firewall program exceptions and numerous others.

SRPSKI: Kako da strimujem Television set kanal preko web mreže pomoću VideoLAN-a (VLC plejera)?

VideoLAN 2.x striming tutorijal za analogne Television set kartice. U osnovi, slična su podešavanja i za strimovanje filmova, muzike ili drugih take uređaja poput net kamere ili dvb kartica. Sva podešavanja na “udalljenom” serveru (server je u ovom slučaju desktop kompjuter sa Television set karticom i IP adresom 192.168.3) su izvedena pomoću TightVNC-a preko klijenta (klijent je udaljeni note pad sa IP adresom 192.168.2). Stvari koje mogu zadavati probleme: korektan izbor i setovanja capture uređaja, odgovarajući protokol (RTP, MMSH, HTTP …) i transkodovanje (MPEG/TS, H264 …), IP adrese klijenta i servera, firewall-i itd.


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  1. This tutorial kind of confused me, but I was after streaming the actual tv channels off the tv tuner. But the tv tuner also actual captures video inputs, and in this video it seems to be capturing footage from another source other than the tv tuner itself. You need to use the digital-tv option in the vlc capture device and set the frequency to see the channel and the rest is the same as in the tutorial.

  2. Hello ! i have a satellite channel, and i would like to stream it online, i have a FLV / MP4 player on my website and i would like to be able to preview the channel stream on my website , my server is linux based and the stream server is windows, can you help me with that please ? is this possible ?

  3. If you have Android OS on your SmartTV just go to play store and search for "VNC" or "VNC viewer", try for example Remote VNC (no Android ICS4 support yet) or android-vnc-viewer. Also, on your PC you need to install TightVNC Server (free) or RealVNC (free and commercial, also check their website, they have Android and iOS viewers on their own). You have to setup IP addresses, best way is to configure your router and give them static IPs, also user name & password for security.

  4. with this you explain, you can see the PC screen on TV through Wi fi with this program? I have a smart tv 46 and want to see the screen of my PC directly to the TV you know how to do that?

  5. Hey, thanks for asking 🙂 The tune is one of my own makes quickly crafted for this vid, it is not really any officially published song. Working title is "Chromaticity". Song features Prosoniq Morph plugin to morph between several different sounds, which reminded me of hue/ligtness color changes = hence the working title.

  6. You will notice first line: cd C:Program FilesVideoLANVLC 2
    cd = change directory (old DOS command). You have to specify this line so the script knows where VLC is installed. Modify the path for your VLC installation.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  7. my example string (from the video with modified MPEG compression levels and volume at startup set to 50):

    #Begin batch file
    cd C:Program FilesVideoLANVLC 2
    vlc dshow:// :dshow-vdev="ASUS TV7134 WDM Video Capture" :dshow-adev="Realtek AC97 Audio" :dshow-size="384×288" :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=4000,scale=1,acodec=mpga,ab=128,channels=2,samplerate=44100}:duplicate{dst=rtp{dst=,port=5004,mux=ts,ttl=1},dst=display} :sout-keep –volume=50 –zoom

  8. Whenever you click on .bat file VLC will start automatically with all the settings you have made. Search for some tricks like muted volume or preset volume, default zoom etc… @ batch file startup on the net.

  9. 3) You'll see in new window "Generated string output window". Copy entire string code

    4) On Desktop/wherever create New Text Document (right click mouse > New Text Document > Paste (CTRL+P) generated string of code > choose Save As > from a drop-down menu select "Any format". Save it for example with a file name "vlcstream-tvtuner-preset.bat". It is important to use .bat extension.

  10. Yes, in fact, there is a built-in feature inside VLC!

    1) As in my tutorial video, set up your VLC to stream whatever you like (webcam, tv tuner, etc. – any sutable device)

    2) On the last step in VLC's window "Stream Output" (look at the very top left corner!) when you have set all the options including source, streaming format, compression levels and IP addresses click at the very buttom on "Option Setup" menu. (continued in next post)

  11. a) for analog tv cards, you must have models with 2 or 3 built-in tuners (maximum I have seen on any model) and multiple instances of VLC with probably different IP addresses/ports to avoid packet collisions

    b) for digital tv cards you should be able to decode all PS (program streams) contained in common TS (transport stream) but I am not sure if VLC supports this, but should work at least in theory. For completely different channels you need multiple tv tuners/dvb cards.

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