A brand-new less challenging VR/360 workflow with Wowza Streaming Cloud can be seen in this post:https://youtu.be/9GGVzZ8BCdY

Digital Reality (VR) and 360- diploma are becoming 2 of the most progressive live streaming advancements, powering activities such as sporting matches, live programs, business conferences, training, drugs, militaries programs, and numerous other locations.

In this demonstration, we get palms-on with live 360- degree demonstrations and get a lot more typical with the innovation as we roam by ways of some extensive 360- diploma live streaming workflows. Many VR innovations utilize marketplace-common streaming procedures that can be used with widespread streaming servers and platforms.

We’ll speak about a few of illustrations, like GIROPTIC, VideoStitch Vahana VR, VideoStitch Orah and Teradek Sphere, as well as evaluate how playback is attained utilizing normal individual applications like the NEXStreaming360 gamer.


23 thoughts on “Virtual Reality and 360- degree Live Streaming with Wowza”

  1. Can you please explain a little more on the topic of wowza (engine/could) pulling the RTSP stream in from across the network? Specifically the configuration of the network? In these comments you mention that configuring the network can be a little difficult and I think that area is where I am running into trouble. Does connecting the 360cam/PoE switch directly to a router help ease the configuration? Thanks!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the video! I have the 360cam and am hoping to livestream to multiple people's mobile phones all over the world. Would this be possible using the setup you've described above? Or do the mobile phones need to be connected to the same local network?

  3. when I connect to stream and then go to incoming streams, I see a Waiting for Stream and not active. Any ideas on why this may be? I know that my URI is good because I can see it with VLC.

  4. A few questions:
    1. What role is the NUC playing in the whole process ? Is it used as Wowza Server or the video encoder ?
    2. Can other cameras be used instead of GIROPTIC (for example Kodak sp360 or Samsung Gear 360) ? I am not sure if ant of those provide a HLS stream since they record the files directly to a memory card.

  5. Great video, really informative. I noticed that you can see the cables in shot, the main one running through a seam looks like the POE cable. Do you think it is possible to hide it completely, maybe by taping it now, or is it always in shot. I may have to stream a press conference next month and would like to hide ALL of the cable if possible (possibly under a plinth below the camera) but the POE cable looks quite short. I'd appreciate any thoughts, thanks.

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