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  1. Hi all, I need your help. In my case: I want use VLC connect to PC or server to view video or listen music on my phone (it's called "Video on demand") who can tell me that how i config on PC and my phone, my phone use android phone..
    Tks all so much

  2. @Pablo Besada.please help with audio not working in android mode, from PC to android .I have changed my preferences All settings video codec ffmpegstrict standard compliance 2… still no sound in streaming from PC to android .

    – via YTPak(.com)

  3. What if I have a udp multicast on my network (udp:// Can I watch the udp stream from my phone without needing to connect to a VLC player on my computer?

    Or do I need to re-stream the udp stream as rstp via VLC and then connect to that broadcast from my phone? Basically the video I want to watch is on the network all the time, not stored as a file on a phone or computer.

    What does the "Manual Video URL" do? Does it connect to VLC on the computer or just a network stream of video?

  4. @EclipseRealEstate Hi,
    I don't speak english, so it wouldn't help much 🙂
    Anyway, please refer to vlc direct blog. You will find a lot of info and user questions/answers.
    Alsoyou can send me an email to
    qdevplus @ gmail . com
    if you have a specific question. Cheers!

  5. For future videos, make sure all steps are visible. i could not clearly see how you enabled web interface (very blury in 480p). Also the captions were a nice touch but added with voice instructions would have been better.

  6. @12345678951974
    Hi, Yes, it should work in android 2.1
    Youtube doesn't allows urls in comments, but please go to vlcdirect blog (w w w . vlcdirect . com) and see the section: Connecting to VLC Media Player

    if after following the guide, you still can't connect, please send me an email to [email protected]

  7. @metalupyourassposers The message means that VLC Direct can not find your PC VLC. You can follow the guide "Connecting to VLC Media Player" in VLC Direct blog. Sorry I don't put the URL, but youtube doesn't allow me to insert urls in comments.if after following the guide you still can't connect, then try disabling your firewall, if that don't work either, send me an email to [email protected]

  8. @Mopark25 Hi, after you toggle the target to "android", you must tap on a video file to start the streaming. Swiching target while a video is playing has no effect.

  9. @pablobesada well that got the first channel of audio to work, but it would be nice to be able to switch between channels depending on what language i want. subtitle support would be great too.. and i noticed that there is hardcore video lag.. it's about 3 full seconds behind the audio.

  10. @gtube83 Hi, in the third tab you should see your pc files? If that tab is empty, then there is a problem in the connection between VLC Direct and VLC Media Player

  11. @doyouwantaspoon Yes, this is a VLC Problem, try checking "Avoid Audio Transconding" for those files in VLC Direct->menu->settings->streaming settings->audio settings section

  12. @pablobesada I know that .mkv support isn't perfect, but some 720p anime I had was making VLC crash on my PC when I was trying to watch it on my phone. Just thought you might want to know what types of errors are happening.

  13. @pablobesada One request in your next update! I have a lot of anime with two channels of audio, one english, one japanese. The app doesn't play any audio at all on these videos, I guess since there are two channels of audio, it doesn't know which to select so there is none.. If you could set up a way to switch between channels, that would be awesome! I'm sure a lot of other people would love this feature!

  14. @pablobesada DUUUUUUDE I got it to work. I guess I was trying to open an empty folder within My Documents, which was titled "My Videos". I went back to the root of /C and went straight to the correct Videos folder, and everything is right there.. User error on my part, your software works amazingly.

  15. @doyouwantaspoon Yes, you can start VLC Direct with web interface enabled, just create a shortcut vlc
    and add to it the following command line
    vlc.exe -I h.t.t.p (without the dots -youtube doest allow that word in comments, sorry-)

  16. @pablobesada Over 1100, lots of movies and several complete TV shows, but they are organized very neatly in to different folders, not just all jumbled in the root. About 375GB worth of stuff.

  17. @pablobesada Thanks for the fast reply. I moved one of the videos from My Videos to the root of My Documents, and was able to play it just fine. Just for whatever reason, when I tap My Videos, it briefly turns orange, showing that I've selected it, but then the folder just doesn't open. Nothing happens.

    Also, is there a way to make VLC automatically set up a Web Interface every time it opens?

  18. @doyouwantaspoon Hi, this is strange, maybe you have too much files in "My Videos" Folder? Other options is that you maybe have a file in the folder with strange characters in it name? If you could move some files to other folder and find more clues about the problem, I will be able to fix the issue. Thanks

  19. Great app, I just got the Pro version, but I have a serious problem. I have the Target thing set to Android, and when I try to open up the "My Videos" folder, it just doesn't open! I can open almost any other folder within My Documents, but when I tap on My Videos, it just does nothing. How the hell can I open the folder to browse my movies? Please help!

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