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VIdeoLAN, well-liked maker of the open useful resource media participant VLC has launched their flagship software for the brand new 4th period Apple Tv. It capabilities a a number of actually distinctive capabilities these because the capability to acquire subtitles on the fly, and potential to stream any video clip file in your laptop by simply using a browser. No conversion or iTunes crucial!


31 thoughts on “VLC Media Streaming Utility for Apple Tv – [Review] + Walkthrough”

  1. Can I like this video twice? What an amazing app, and review!!! This solves so many frustrations with my computer having all my movies, and the hassle of bringing it up to the TV to connect it, and then disconnect it when I'm done. I'm getting an Apple TV now! And you just got a new sub! Thank you!

  2. Andrew, great video but have a specific question. So I buy a current gen Apple TV, download VLC on it…then go to my Mac, use that remote connection…can I just put my Mac to sleep, go to my room and watch the movie I added? In other words, does the Apple TV actually download the entire movie it’s drive(even temporarily) so I can watch it without my Mac having to stay on the entire time?? Please answer

  3. do you know if it'll read off exFat formatted drive? I'm on Mac but want files added to an external drive to be accessible to Windows with exFat being accessible to both, just not sure if Apple tv will read it

  4. Can you use Apple's Time Capsule? What type of external hard drives can you use? Only ones that boot wirelessly without using a mac? Does that USB-C on the apple tv work for non wireless drives?

  5. Hi Andrew!
    I'd like some guidance on how much space that my VLC files (remote playback ones sitting in the Apple TV) are taking up. With a 32GB hardware, I have gotten the message indicating insufficient storage a few times now due to numerous movie files

  6. Hi Andrew! I have a doubt: your WD My Cloud was connected via Ethernet or Wirelessly through your router? Because I'm gonna buy one of those very soon and I wanted to make it my default home media server (maybe using Apple TV for streaming), what do you think about that?

  7. Hi Andrew, silly question time but how do i find out my Local network username and password. I click on Local network > ANDREWS-MBP SMB/CIFS and its asks me for this?

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