8 thoughts on “VLC streaming over the RTP procedure”

  1. why cant i make this work?! so frustrating lol. my router and windows firewalls are off my antivirus is disabled and i still cant get my other computer to connect to the stream. computer one the host can find it fine and play it but computer two sees it just errors everytime i try and open it…. grrr face

  2. HELP ME PLEASE: Hi Mohit. Can you or anyone else help me with one question. I used UPN and RTP and iĀ  got a good stream with all kind of sources from my streaming pc in my network pcs. BUT even with only audio stereo mix stream via rtp i have 1-2 seconds delay on my other clients. i play electric guitar and need realtime or at least a shorter delay for some projects i am working on. my network is fast and i have good router knowledge and a very fast internet as well. i dont even save time due http streaming. its all the same big delay. how can i fix that?

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