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So you have actually solved to start streaming your computer game – however believe in us, you may be going to desire an enhanced audio established than the mic become your web cam.

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22 thoughts on “Ways to Developed Up Audio for Entertainment Streaming”

  1. Is it possible to do a video about if your GPU is slow, can you change out the GPU die? Putting a 1080Ti GPU die into a 980Ti, does that increase clock speed, or slow it down?

  2. hey guys. Thanks for providing good tips and entertainment over the years!! Please can you make a video on all things about Windows10's software mirroring drive function "Raid1". how does it compare to the real stuff etc

  3. You don't need a mixer just to adjust the volume of a mic without tabing out of the game. Every external audio interface with a mic input also has a gain knob for that input.
    Most audio interfaces don't have a built in equalizer. But that's not a something you constantly have to adjust (at least for streaming). Just set it once and then leave it like that.

    Also you say a mixer can help you do the analog to digital conversion. That's misleading (even if you later throw in that some mixers have a USB connection). What you need is an audio interface and some mixers (like the one you showed) have a built in audio interface. But some people will be disapointed when they buy another mixer and then realize it doesn't have an audio interface and they still need to buy one to have a proper ADC.

    And while it's correct to say you can't just choose a mic with an XLR connection and automatically get high quality, it's a little bit misleading then to show a $449 mic. Your XLR mic doesn't has to be more expensive than a USB mic to be the same quality. It's rather the other way around because a USB mic is technically the same just with an added audio interface which makes it more expensive.

    I'm also missing something. You can't talk about an audio setup for streaming (or anything) and XLR mics without tallking about the difference between dynamic mics and condenser mics. Condeser mics give you better quality while dynamic mics are more robust and are better for a live gig with your band. So for streaming a condenser mic is the better choice but then you also have to make sure to get an audio interface with phantom power. But most if not all audio interfaces with an XLR input have phantom power.

  4. you forgot to tell that those 'xlr' mics are phantom powered over xlr, it won't work if your hardware doesn't have phantom power to feed to the mic

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