Alright fellas, I set with each other a tutorial on to establish a computer system that your geared up to stream tunes from( kinda like YouTube movies). I experienced to decrease a few of the introduction off and a bit of the near to keep it less than 11 minutes.Also, the introduction Must have online video however YouTube no for a longer duration accepts/functions with.MOV.

Usually, you will require a decent Computer, absolutely nothing at all extravagant.A thing all around $50-$100 off actually must do fine.The specifications of the pc I used was a Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz processor 512 MB DDR RAM and a 100 GB PATA Maxtor Hardrive.So a thing around that or higher must not be actually difficult to find.

This technique deals with practically any running program( House windows, Linux, and Mac). The application is called Sockso.It is actually no charge and open supply( which recommends you can customize the supply code of the strategy by itself if you wish to match your desires if your able of doing so).

The software application by itself is executable, which typically suggests there is no set up.You simply do exactly what I carried out in the online video and it runs.

The only other aspect is forwarding ports.By default, Sockso benefits from port4444 You need to discover your default entrance take on( For House windows XP do the next Begin|Manage Panel|Network Locations|Just click the Assistance Tab then you will see your default entrance handle) House windows Vista/7 are rather distinct however you go to similar areas in control panel to come throughout it( think that it is actually called Neighborhood and Sharing Heart or something).

Then design that resolve into a site browser.Don’ t forget, it actually is not the IP Manage! It is actually the DEFAULT ENTRANCE Tackle.( All routers change so I can not be effectively specific here). At the time your in simply poke all over trying to find port forwarding.If you are not able to discover it, Google on the best ways to do it with your unique router.Then ahead port 4444( if you have exactly what I experienced to in this short article mine states * From Port * and * To Port * simply put the same port number for both). And after that kind the IP Address of the laptop computer that has Sockso.

Likewise, a little element observe on acquiring to Sockso depending on where you are.If your in the * Internal * network( that suggests your in your house and associated to the very same router as the Sockso laptop computer or computer system), utilize the * Personal * IP manage( these sort of as mine 192.1681.118). If your not home and connected to the online, utilize the * Public * IP Address.Also, when linking perhaps way, you Need to have the port quantity with the URL (Like my own was 192.1681.118: 4444 ). By default when you go into a manage it quickly goes by method of port 80( which is the HTTP port).

The favorable elements of this are rather fantastic much too.Acquiring all your music centrally saved so you can availability it from any pc and from anyplace.Also recommends if for some intention you experienced to re-install House windows, you actually do not need to fear about supporting gigs of brand-new music.

With any luck, this helps and if you have any ideas, provide me a PM.


18 thoughts on “Ways to establish a streaming music laptop/server”

  1. Bro, I noticed that you used the now defunct Orb Live. I also used to use Orb for media streaming with a somewhat smooth GUI, and now that its gone, I have no idea what to use to stream media files to my iPhone. Are you using any program(s) similar to what Orb was like?

  2. @halo3productions911 Thanks again for the quick replies!

    Yes as you mentioned I will see if there site has a forum and join up if there is to ask the questions that I am asking you.

    Cheers and again your tutorial (video) was really helpfull in helping us all in setting up a dedicated radio stream!

  3. @halo3productions911 Thanks for the quick replly.

    Unforntunetly installing 3 virtual machines on a dedicated server wouln't be a solution for me so maybe possabaly there is away to re-name the exe file differently so that it effectivly works running all 3 but then changing the ports each one is another mind bottling situation unless theres away in the software that I overpassed at looking.

  4. @endlessencounters That… I have never tried before. Let alone even thought of doing. It's been quite some time since I've used this software myself (mainly due to how often my network and layout changes). You may be best to go to their website and send an email to the developer (or hit up their forum if they have one). I sent a suggestion to the developer and he actually replied (so there's a chance he'll reply to you as well).

  5. sockso. pu-gh .com (awesome software)

    Great TUTORIAL

    Can you please explain how to use it for more then one website?
    I want to be running 3 instances of it for 3 different websites?


  6. Hello friend,
    I am Robert and I am very happy about your video. I want you to help me. Please I have HP Proliant Server with windows Server 2003 sp2 and I have internet radio and and now I have my own server, so please how to use as my stream server privite? I have my internet 2.5MB upload speed and unlimited download. Thanks, I hope you can help me.

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