Main Tutorial: board/methods/how-to-set-up-your-very own-non-public-rtmp-server-making use of-nginx.50/
Doing Not Have DLL: forums/home windows/en-US/52f0bd37-9a08-41b6-bb43-fa01ef3ebc4a/msvcr100dll-is-missing?forum=w8itprogeneral
NGINX web-site:
NGINX Gryphon: load/


38 thoughts on “Ways to Establish OBS with NGINX on House windows for RTMP Streaming + VPS Hosted by Amazon AWS”

  1. I am stuck. nginx stops running after a millisecond and just disappears from the task manager. It does not show in the browser either. Any suggestions on how I can solve this problem? Thank you!

  2. I have a question, what is the cost of AWS?, for example I need to stream 1080p 60fps in three sources (facebook, twitch and youtube), in other services with bandwidth limited the cost is in average $100.

  3. thanks for showing this, but what is the benefit of using an RTMP server as a relay when you could just stream from OBS to youtube or twitch directly? I originally assumed you were going to reverse proxy a webapp to NGINX to consume the stream and serve it as a video player.

  4. hi what about streaming from different ips to my neginx server that is located in different countries for eg my friend will stream to my server using obs from another country will that create lag if am streaming to different platforms at once and is that possible with Amazon services?

  5. Thanks very much for this tutorial, now we can be live on YouTube plus a personal and public facebook page! I get the annoying bad video format settings too, doesn't seem to hurt viewing the stream at all.

  6. Hey, your video is useful to me, thanks, but I'm programming for a site that is like Twitch and I need my clients to run a Livestream, just like Twitch, with this method can i run it?

  7. Would it make sense to run OBS on the server? For example, I want take a live feed from a camera that's not in my home network, and push it to YouTube, while being able to control audio and graphic overlays. So, how could I setup the server as you did, point the camera feed to that server but then control audio and graphics on that server before sending it to YouTube? Thanks for this video it was explained clearly.

  8. This answers almost everything for me, but it is lacking the portion showing where to add a 2nd destination to that redistribution. Do I just put another copy of that push line and have the URl and stream key be that of the 2nd service?

  9. So I have my own local server running Win 10. Dual Xeons, and 24GB ram. How would I set it up to use it locally instead of AWS? Also using Twitch instead of youtube. me and my roomate would both be using the server for both of our streams to twitch.

  10. Does anyone know how create an NGINX delay?

    For example… If I'm streaming and for some reason my internet goes out for a couple of seconds, the stream will wait before completely closing the connection.

    Does anyone know how to do that?

  11. Okay. Weirdest thing. My target bitrate on OBS was 5, but I was only getting about 2.4-2.5

    I found no settings for nginx to change the bitrate from it, so I took a shot in the dark and increased the bitrate of obs to 8…. Surprisingly the resulting bitrate from the output stream of nginx was 4. So I increased OBS to 10, and sure enough received an output of 5-5.2

    All very confusing, but at least there's a solution.

  12. I dont get it… why would you stream to a virual server, just to end up streaming to youtube? why not stream directly to youtube?

    I was hoping for an explanation how to set up a live stream without using youtube, twitch etc..
    Is it possible to set up a server so you can directly stream to your website? or maybe share a link with people so they can directly see your live video straight off the server, whitout any 3rd party's like youtube, twitch etc. involved?

    Hope to hear from you.

  13. Hi Something stange seems to be happening with me, The Push RTMP string where i am inputting my youtube rtmp and key is pushing ity to a single channel even when i am changing the rtmp url and key of diffrent channe, i have four channels configured on a single email id and even when i changed to an altogether diffrent channel it continued to push stream on one single channe'

  14. Nginx not show in task manger , i follow all steps . when i click on Run NGinx, its run , but not showing in task manager , That's why my DNS is not connecting with nginx, plz advise

  15. Awesome tutorial! You have to take a look at your tags or something cause I've been looking for this for like 1 week and your video don't show up anywhere. I have a question tho, if I want to live stream a pre recorded video as if was live, all I have to do is upload the video to the server and then run it in loop on OBS? Then there will be no need to use my internet connection at all, right? That's whats in my mind right now. Thank you so much and I apologize for my english.

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